1.7 – Summer Trend 17: Rainbow

Did you hear about one of the last Summer trends: rainbow? My favourite season is almost here. To me this means colors! I think that’s why rainbow is one of the most successful trends during the coming hot months. Ofc, troughout decades it has meant peace, pride, and joy (we’ll go deep on this later on). No matter what’s your opinion about, this pattern will involve you soon!

As a fish in the river, I would like to let this trend lead me during the coming days on the beach, in a party at a chalet, and (why not?) in the city. Colors, as known, have got a positive power on human beings. They’re able to change your vibe. If you’re wearing something colorful your reflection in a mirror can make you smile – even during a bad day! Well, I want this trend gets involved me even more this year!

Let me focus now on rainbow footwear. This amazing “fever” has infected many excellent shoe designers. In this post I’m listing few of them (my favourite ones).



  1. Sophia Webster, Rosa Jelly T-Strap sandals, 260 EUR.

This shoe designer, as we’ve seen in post 1.3 has got a special preference for colors in her style. You may get an embarassing wealth of options!I chose this one. Moreover, the jelly t-strap sandal ( from ’90s) is another Summer trend 2017!


2. Chloè, Jody leather wedge sandals, 351 EUR

Rocket Dog Bigtop

3. Rocket Dog Bigtop, 35.40 EUR

Platform flip flops for the beach come back from ’80s – ’90s as further Summer 17 trend…watch out!


4. Alexander Birman, Mary Bow Colorblock Suede Sandals, 389 EUR


5. Gucci, Metallic leather platform sneakers, 642 EUR

…Get ready to the Fall Season!


6. Silvian Heach, Montefano Sandals, 91 EUR.

Montefano is a small town in Marche Region (Italy) where many Italian shoe factories seat. Should be this why of this name?

Alexander Birman 2

7. Alexander Birman, Multicolor Lace-Up Sandals, 616 EUR ( as 4.)




8. Dolce and Gabbana, Fringe Embellished Leather Mary Jane pumps, 1.048 EUR.


9. Valentino Garavani, SS2015 (even Rainbow Collection:  sandals, mules, ballerinas, pumps).


10. Valentino Garavani, leather flat sandals, 590 EUR.

How crazily in love with this pattern is this Italian shoe designer among years!


11. Casadei, Blade, Embellished Sandals, 1.039, 15 EUR

This is one of my favourite shoe designers ever – as my followers know well.

As already mentioned at the begging of this post, “rainbow” has got many symbolic meanings dealing, particularly, with some serious ju-ju in myth and culture. It also stands for powerful stuff like: creation, divinity, good luck, duality and liminal spaces.

In her blog, Avia Venefica analyses the different symbolic meanings rainbow gets across the Globe in many different cultures and their wisdoms. It may be  reproduced as a mythological Chinese dragon interceeding on behalf of human beings; as the Norse’s Bifrost (bridge to the land of gods, aka Asgard); rather than a Navajo’s multi-colored serpent to be ridden by young braves as initiation to the Great Spirit. Rainbow has been also linked to feminine divinity meaning prosperity, fertility, magic and provision, as for Celtics. I truly recommend to read her post to go through this topic.

“More research into rainbow meanings made me realize there’s a lot more to them than just glittery symbols adorning juvenile tubes of strawberry flavored lip gloss.” […] “One of the most intense references to the rainbow is found in Hindu and Buddhist Tantra. Apparently, those who have surpassed their earthly ties are in a position to achieve the highest meditative state, and experience the “rainbow body”. This has also been described as a “body of light” when ultimate ascension has been reached. The rainbow body phenomenon is an ultimate oneness, and typically happens at the time of death.” (What’sYourSign.com)

When you decide to wear any rainbow pattern, even on your feet, don’t be suprised then about the positive energy this will give you!

More rainbow shoes in this post by Tuesday Shoesday.

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  1. Thanks for your comments on my “Woman in Contrast” blog post. However, I do not appreciate what appears to actually be a sales promotion.
    I would NEVER wear heels. I do LOVE the ART of color and style of these shoes.


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